Due to the customized nature of our store, we follow a different order process from the standard one.

You select the products of your choice, and when you got the order, you send it to us. You don't pay at that moment. We process the order, check for possible anomalies (in measures, colors that you might already have, ...), and send an email on same or next business day with everything on it along with some suggestion if needed.

When do I pay? You will find enclosed in the email the total quantity and a link to pay online. Should you need any correction, just ask and we will send you a new email with the changes and the new price. It's that easy.
This way there is always a chance to change items in the order, and you can check it twice.

The delivery date depends on the payment date. For shirts it's two weeks after we receive the confirmation. For accessories, we pack and ship them on the same or next business day. Transportation via TNT use to take between 3 and 6 days to most countries in North America and Europe.
Furthermore, when you pay you get a page in your browser with the order tracking number and other useful data.