Shirts Shirts

Only custom made shirts, hand cut and single needle stitched, following the classic tradition.
Choose between our two labels (prices include shipping):
Blue Label, 100% Egyptian cotton, 90's and 100's two ply, with a price tag of US$75.
Black label, made from finest 120's and 140's yarns. Prices range from US$93 to US$120.
For monogram embroidery add US$2 per shirt.

  Pajamas Pajamas

Custom made from the same fine fabrics and details of our shirts. They range in price from US$130 to US$210, depending on the collection and yarn. Prices include shipping

  Name brand ties Ties

Ermenegildo Zegna, US$80
UNGARO, always the newest collection US$75
OLIMPO Limited Edition, 18 momi silk, hand sewn US$75

Italian silk ties  
  Cuff links Cuff links

English Silk knots
Silk or leather buttons
Gold plated, Mon Art Internazionale

  Bow ties Bow ties

Benjamin James, England. 100% Silk.

  Braces Braces

Albert Thurston, world's finest, real goatskin leather, hand polished US$80

Albert Thurston clip-on braces buttons. Six pack US$30

Clip-on braces buttons
  One and Four colors handkerchiefs Handkerchiefs

Benjamin James, England. 100% Silk.
One color US$20
Four colors US$22

Albert Thurston, 100% Irish Linen, hand rolled hem (pack of three) US$ 90

Irish linen handkerchiefs
  Belts Belts

OLIMPO, one of the best leather manufacturers in Europe, hand tanned and sewn US$75

  Gift certificates Gift certificates

Select any of our products and make a present to anyone.
If you don't have the measures of the person you want to give a surprise, this is the best way to make him wear a custom made shirt.